Day 3

Today I am Grateful for waking up… and again for so many reasons… LOL. I am lucky I get to wake on my own schedule with nothing to rush off to do, I get to call my BF then talk with my husband about the plans for the day, Check my Blood sugars Take my meds and make some breakfast all on my own schedule. I wake up and get to look forward to what I will be doing today.. today it is working on bears and then more crocheting.. believe me sometimes I dread it but most of the time I can convince myself to just keep moving forward through the mess. I wake up in a lot of pain of late but I have slept in a clean comfortable bed under a roof that protects me from the weather that I can call my own. I am Grateful that I have woken at all and for some reason I am still called to be here. I believe we have a purpose and we only leave when either the loss of us is a lesson others need more than what we can offer or that we no longer have anything to offer. I am VERY Grateful that I have something to offer to the world around me 🙂


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