More of our story, and the learning curve of life

New Blog, ugh what a learning curve. Trying to learn how to work wordpress, how to add a shopping cart, how to then use Amazon payment is just making my head hurt. Every day I get a little closer, some days it is leaps and bounds other days ? I quiet honestly have to make myself do it. Trying hard not to use emoticons.. is that what they are called? Cause you know the internet has all these different terms and if you don’t even know there is such a thing as a payment gateway how are you suppose to find it let alone dig what you want out of the tons of options on just google.

When we first moved here there was a monster learning curve. SO much to be done on the house and we had no way to pay anyone else so I was reading code books and learning how to hang drywall. We have had to learn how to spend less which meant learning how to cook. I DID NOT really cook.. I do now but it took a lot of time and tears.. and quiet a few meals that everyone chose to make a PBJ instead.

Anna our youngest was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with Hashimotos when she was 9 and then had to have her gallbladder out at 10. MAJOR learning curve !! but it had to be done and truth is I am a Diabetic too and I was not taking care of myself appropriately. After a few years we learned that public schools were just not what was right for her health and started home schooling and WHOLE nother group of learning curves.

No real conclusion to my post today… I am feeling really frazzled and raw. I did promise my friend I would at least run posts through a spell check.. my spelling and grammar are appalling :/ and she is SO right !! lol… see I learned something today…. apauling is actually spelled appalling 😀



Debandf is soon to be available on Amazon

Branching out and starting to blog has really made us stop and think.. Who are we ?? What do we do ?? Where are we going ?? How do we get there ?? I am going to answer these questions over the week.

Who is Debandf ??

It is hard for me to really explain what our Etsy shop is about.. it is our life. It is our only source of income yes but truly it is a life style we have embraced whole heartedly. It is about Family… It is about fun… and it all funds our little Farm where we slowly.. and I mean at a snails pace are improving the little 1920s bungalow we rescued from being demolished. We Garden… monster huge vegi garden. Lots of Canning some livestock. Sometimes things are wild and crazy and others it is afternoons sitting on the edge of the nearby river just loveing where we are. Live Love Life is a way of life for us.

After many years of Hubby Greg in the field of Fiber optic Engineering and myself being a stay at home mom.. we decided it was time to get out of town.. let the kids have more room to roam, Expand the gardens ect. No real specific plans Greg was commuting all over the state anyways so we really just went where our VERY little money could purchase the most land for the least Cash and Cash was what it was going to be, we did not want to carry a mortage at all one thing for sure was going to happen and that was to become debt free… no credit cards…declutter everything and destress. My health was just horrible I am a Diabetic and stress was killing me. So we found where we are now… a tiny 2 bedroom bungalow in horrendous shape, there was no running water to the property and standing rain water in the living room. Greg continued to work and all of us started deconstructing and rebuilding the house while we live in it… if you ever have done a remodel.. well you can imagine it has been 14 years of remodel living that we have embraced 😀 Amazing thing is guess what I HAVE LESS STRESS !! despite the crazieness.. we are debt free… and We have learned to appreciate the little things 😀

Like Stitch our one eyed Black Cat 😀 We really LOVE Halloween around here ❤



Week number two

I promised myself one blog post a week…. still pretty desperately trying to figure out how to do this blogging thing and honestly I am not the most patient person in the world.

So today.. I have done it… here is the blog post… maybe some images of our farm and family next… content really is a hard thing to wrap my head around.

To see what we have available on Etsy feel free to visit us Debandf Etsy shop



First blog post our Family. Debandf is a family ran Artisan woodcrafting shop focused on crafing Guitar pick Boxes and Wood guitar picks. Debandf supports our families Homesteading way of life. Located on 3 acres we call the Estate of Dissaray, with Geese, Goats, Turkeys, Sheep, Chickens for Eggs lots of Barn Cats and a trio of Pomeranians. Greg, Myself and our two kids that are still at home are right in the thick of everything all the time. I hope to Blog a little about everything we do here.