Time for another Blog post

Ok.. in all freaking honest I DON’T WANT TO WRITE A BLOG POST !! I want to YELL AND SCREAM, CURSE and HAVE A TODDLER FIT !! most likely it isn’t a good idea to write anything when I am this pissy, but who freaking cares…. not like anyone is reading this but myself anyways.

The hardest part about all of this being self managing, self employed, homesteading individuals ?? IT SUCKS SOMETIMES !! Sales are not picking up yet.. so money is super tight.. there is not enough to make ends meet. I mean I have the change in my glove box, no propane to cook with and bills that I have no idea how will get paid broke. Not I can’t afford a starbucks it is wondering if I will have electricity to keep the machines running poor.

In all that ?? I AM SUPPOSE TO BE SELF PROMOTING !! Happy successful every one should want to do what I am doing joy of an artisans life !! Buy from me because we are so special and elite everyone wants what we have. When all I want to say is PLEASE BUY SOMETHING… I WANT to have electricity so I can escape into Binge watching NCIS on netflixs.

Meanwhile I take on Huge Crocheting commision jobs and way below minimum wage to even pray it will be all ok.

I KNOW IT WILL BE OK !! It always is but I am a real person and I MELT DOWN !! I yell I scream I curse and I don’t have the heart and mind of a Saint… I have learned to count my blessings.. to just take a deep breath and say a simple Thank you for life.

Oh and by the way HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!


Onward and Upward

Debandf wood guitar pick set of 4

Who we are at debandf and what we want to give to our customers,

This was the next idea to touch upon for a blog post.

Who we are here at debandf ?

Well… we are the Sickler Family, Cynthia myself, Greg Hubby, Frederick and Anna. I should probably spend sometime touching on each individuals job descriptions at this point in time but in all honesty ? I am still in a outlining kind of stage.

Cynthia owner, marketer, Seo ect. she who goes nuts trying to understand it all

Greg woodworker, artist, guitarist

Frederick moral support, guitarist

Anna shipping and maker of sandwhiches

Now to address what we want to give to our customers. I think to start I should say what we do give to our customers.

A selection of different types of small wooden brass hinged boxs with magnetic closure and felt lining specifically designed with the shape of a guitar pick to insert said guitar picks.

Engraving on above mentioned boxs

a selection of handmade wood guitar picks

Some guitar pick jewelery

Well packaged in a plastic bag that we then ship in a bubble wrap envelope all over the world.

Our customer service is reasonable and polite with keeping all involved parties happy in a reasonably timely manner.

Now what we WANT to give our customers………. The WORLD anything and everything… puppies and kittens, unicorns and rainbows… a box that when opened world peace pours out… something that brings such joy that all they want to do is share it with every soul they have ever met and the money pours in till we have enough to keep it spilling over into everyones need bag…… ok maybe I am not allowed to blog anymore today..



In all Honesty ??

In all honesty I have no idea what to write about. All the social networking gurus say you must have a blog, you must have a website. Debandf must be branded… I will honestly say I do not know what the hell that means…… Peak your markets interest. Seriously?? My market ?? Ok who is my market………. my market is mostly women purchasing gifts for their sons, husbands, boyfriends who shop on Etsy, or are at least willing to set up an account on Etsy if they see my item and like it.

Ok there is my market

women purchasing gifts for their sons, husbands, boyfriends who shop on Etsy

How to Brand toward this market ?? What are these gift givers wanting when they give this gift ?? of course to please the recipients, perhaps to keep the recipients from losing their guitar picks ??? They want a nice product that they can be proud of giving, a Reasonable price but willing to pay for quality, Maybe the want to let the recipient know they support their music. Often they are commemorating a special event so we offer engraving. Often they have purchased a personalized guitar pick and like the idea of having a special guitar pick case to put their pick in it.  They are also looking for a timely delivery on their Handmade item.

What does this mean towards branding ?? What kind of images are going to get and keep their interest. What kind of blog posts are going to interest them and make it so they want to follow. In all honesty people who are the recipients are not our purchasers……. it is the women or men supporting their musicians who I want to speak to, to connect with.


I am going to now write a little outline for this blog and yep I am going to put it right here……

Today I explored Debandfs market and how to brand to them

other subjects to touch on

Who we are at debandf and what we want to give to our customers,

how to offer support to the people who support musicians, Exploring the creative mind and how to encourage creativity

always pulling back to who we are as a family of artists… which means there will be spattering of random acts of art, gardening, homesteading

the fire, love and determination it takes to live the artist’s life

😀 There I now have a basic idea of where I am going…… any input would be great. I am sure you all have ideas of what you would like to read about. Perhaps you have a new Guitarist in your life you would like to encourage, or an old dog of a guitarist who you would like to pick that guitar up once again 😀 or maybe you are involved in a music program on a weekly basis and would just like to encourage others to join in ??

Music is soul.. it is a means to find yourself, to share with others.. to just relax.. we need that in this much to busy world.



Here comes the rain

Hi all.. lol. What about 6 of you who may read my blog at this time 😀 I know at some point in time I am going to have to write an outline for my blog posts, not this it is Monday what random thought do I have ?

What have we been up to here at Debandf this Week ? A Whole lot of prepping for the upcoming winter. Crops are getting put up… here we have Basil for pesto and a little broccoli for dinner… cherry tomatos ? We eat them like candy.. but then who doesn’t ?


Of course Guitar pick boxes are still being made at all times so feel free to order off of Etsy. GREAT TIME there is no backlog 😀


On Hold with the IRS

On hold with the IRS for the last 30 minutes and don’t know if I will ever get through. I have no clue how to use this smart phone I am on… how to put it on speaker so at least I could put it down instead of getting a crimp in my neck. I have tried this call over and over for months. That is when I remember to call. Somehow we are part of the HUGE IRS hack and our tax return is in limbo. I personally don’t care, the return itself will be going to the IRS to pay back taxes, and I know it has not been resolved because I have not received a statement saying they are withholding it. THE ISSUE is becasue we have mucked up our taxes we need to keep them up to date. To keep them from penalizing us. Not like we will EVER get out of this debt… We have paid off the original tax debt so many times now it is ridiculous but interest accrues FAST and a LOT !!

Not New info for us we screwed up 18 years ago. Dug our selves in to deep of debt trying to live the American dream. Not some crazy big thing just about 13 grand that we had not expected to pay and could not come up with, then it accrued.

UGH SYSTEM JUST BUMPED ME TO A PERSON WHO THEN SENT ME BACK TO THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM !! 40 minutes now and I am on the bottom of the calls order received !!

This Tax issue was the beginning of the life we now lead. This is a GOOD THING 😀 At first we tried to fix it… then we tried to just ignore it, but yeah the IRS doesn’t just go away :/ It was not a quick realzation to get to that we had to change our lives, our life style, everything about us. It was VERY hard for my husband… he had expectations and really based his personal value on the money he earned and things he could buy. Me ?? it was tough to embrace the hard work, learn to cook.. I prefer to eat out in nice restaurants. Travel monthly and stay in nice hotels, drive brand new cars that I don’t have to worry if they will break down. Not have to tell my kids no to the things they want and same thing for myself and my husband. Things have changed I have changed…..

YAY a person ! I will conclude this post another day 😀 end result ??? I was told I did not need to call them ? BUT was able to verify they did recieve my return and the payment 😀 Conclussion ? months of dreading the phone call, many hours on hold to not get a hold of a person and a whole lot of stress for NO REASON :/