Time for another Blog post

Ok.. in all freaking honest I DON’T WANT TO WRITE A BLOG POST !! I want to YELL AND SCREAM, CURSE and HAVE A TODDLER FIT !! most likely it isn’t a good idea to write anything when I am this pissy, but who freaking cares…. not like anyone is reading this but myself anyways.

The hardest part about all of this being self managing, self employed, homesteading individuals ?? IT SUCKS SOMETIMES !! Sales are not picking up yet.. so money is super tight.. there is not enough to make ends meet. I mean I have the change in my glove box, no propane to cook with and bills that I have no idea how will get paid broke. Not I can’t afford a starbucks it is wondering if I will have electricity to keep the machines running poor.

In all that ?? I AM SUPPOSE TO BE SELF PROMOTING !! Happy successful every one should want to do what I am doing joy of an artisans life !! Buy from me because we are so special and elite everyone wants what we have. When all I want to say is PLEASE BUY SOMETHING… I WANT to have electricity so I can escape into Binge watching NCIS on netflixs.

Meanwhile I take on Huge Crocheting commision jobs and way below minimum wage to even pray it will be all ok.

I KNOW IT WILL BE OK !! It always is but I am a real person and I MELT DOWN !! I yell I scream I curse and I don’t have the heart and mind of a Saint… I have learned to count my blessings.. to just take a deep breath and say a simple Thank you for life.

Oh and by the way HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!


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