November is a time for counting our blessings

It is day two of November and I actually really enjoy the practice of finding something to be Grateful for every day  So yesterday I was SUPER Grateful for being able to purchase Food…….. there are so many reasons included in that statement.. I am grateful there is food to purchase, that we have such an incredible diversity of options to chose from, that we have competitive stores to chose to spend our money with, That we have the transportation capabilites to get Mangos in Oregon or just out of season items…. I am Grateful for the social services that pay for some of my food…… for the workers who day in and day out deal with super tough situations to help all that they can .. for the lobbiest and political system that made the services I use available for those that need it and fight to keep it available… I am grateful for the electricity that makes it so I can store my food and the Propane to be able to cook it. I am Grateful for acess to the internet to be able to find recipes and learn to cook new things broadening my knowledge and awareness of other cultures……… I am Grateful for the Farmers and Ranchers who devote their lives to producing the Food I am able to purchase and the workers they support…….. Food is good…

If you feel like joining in please feel free to comment 😀


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