Onward and Upward

Debandf wood guitar pick set of 4

Who we are at debandf and what we want to give to our customers,

This was the next idea to touch upon for a blog post.

Who we are here at debandf ?

Well… we are the Sickler Family, Cynthia myself, Greg Hubby, Frederick and Anna. I should probably spend sometime touching on each individuals job descriptions at this point in time but in all honesty ? I am still in a outlining kind of stage.

Cynthia owner, marketer, Seo ect. she who goes nuts trying to understand it all

Greg woodworker, artist, guitarist

Frederick moral support, guitarist

Anna shipping and maker of sandwhiches

Now to address what we want to give to our customers. I think to start I should say what we do give to our customers.

A selection of different types of small wooden brass hinged boxs with magnetic closure and felt lining specifically designed with the shape of a guitar pick to insert said guitar picks.

Engraving on above mentioned boxs

a selection of handmade wood guitar picks

Some guitar pick jewelery

Well packaged in a plastic bag that we then ship in a bubble wrap envelope all over the world.

Our customer service is reasonable and polite with keeping all involved parties happy in a reasonably timely manner.

Now what we WANT to give our customers………. The WORLD anything and everything… puppies and kittens, unicorns and rainbows… a box that when opened world peace pours out… something that brings such joy that all they want to do is share it with every soul they have ever met and the money pours in till we have enough to keep it spilling over into everyones need bag…… ok maybe I am not allowed to blog anymore today..




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