On Hold with the IRS

On hold with the IRS for the last 30 minutes and don’t know if I will ever get through. I have no clue how to use this smart phone I am on… how to put it on speaker so at least I could put it down instead of getting a crimp in my neck. I have tried this call over and over for months. That is when I remember to call. Somehow we are part of the HUGE IRS hack and our tax return is in limbo. I personally don’t care, the return itself will be going to the IRS to pay back taxes, and I know it has not been resolved because I have not received a statement saying they are withholding it. THE ISSUE is becasue we have mucked up our taxes we need to keep them up to date. To keep them from penalizing us. Not like we will EVER get out of this debt… We have paid off the original tax debt so many times now it is ridiculous but interest accrues FAST and a LOT !!

Not New info for us we screwed up 18 years ago. Dug our selves in to deep of debt trying to live the American dream. Not some crazy big thing just about 13 grand that we had not expected to pay and could not come up with, then it accrued.

UGH SYSTEM JUST BUMPED ME TO A PERSON WHO THEN SENT ME BACK TO THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM !! 40 minutes now and I am on the bottom of the calls order received !!

This Tax issue was the beginning of the life we now lead. This is a GOOD THING 😀 At first we tried to fix it… then we tried to just ignore it, but yeah the IRS doesn’t just go away :/ It was not a quick realzation to get to that we had to change our lives, our life style, everything about us. It was VERY hard for my husband… he had expectations and really based his personal value on the money he earned and things he could buy. Me ?? it was tough to embrace the hard work, learn to cook.. I prefer to eat out in nice restaurants. Travel monthly and stay in nice hotels, drive brand new cars that I don’t have to worry if they will break down. Not have to tell my kids no to the things they want and same thing for myself and my husband. Things have changed I have changed…..

YAY a person ! I will conclude this post another day 😀 end result ??? I was told I did not need to call them ? BUT was able to verify they did recieve my return and the payment 😀 Conclussion ? months of dreading the phone call, many hours on hold to not get a hold of a person and a whole lot of stress for NO REASON :/





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