More of our story, and the learning curve of life

New Blog, ugh what a learning curve. Trying to learn how to work wordpress, how to add a shopping cart, how to then use Amazon payment is just making my head hurt. Every day I get a little closer, some days it is leaps and bounds other days ? I quiet honestly have to make myself do it. Trying hard not to use emoticons.. is that what they are called? Cause you know the internet has all these different terms and if you don’t even know there is such a thing as a payment gateway how are you suppose to find it let alone dig what you want out of the tons of options on just google.

When we first moved here there was a monster learning curve. SO much to be done on the house and we had no way to pay anyone else so I was reading code books and learning how to hang drywall. We have had to learn how to spend less which meant learning how to cook. I DID NOT really cook.. I do now but it took a lot of time and tears.. and quiet a few meals that everyone chose to make a PBJ instead.

Anna our youngest was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with Hashimotos when she was 9 and then had to have her gallbladder out at 10. MAJOR learning curve !! but it had to be done and truth is I am a Diabetic too and I was not taking care of myself appropriately. After a few years we learned that public schools were just not what was right for her health and started home schooling and WHOLE nother group of learning curves.

No real conclusion to my post today… I am feeling really frazzled and raw. I did promise my friend I would at least run posts through a spell check.. my spelling and grammar are appalling :/ and she is SO right !! lol… see I learned something today…. apauling is actually spelled appalling 😀



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